fashion hope clothing drives


“Through random acts of kindness, you can inspire hope.”

~ Fashion Hope Credo

Every month Fashion Hope conducts clothing drives across North America. And every month, new and existing donors clean out their closets and de-clutter their homes of lightly used, unworn or unwanted fashion goods. Some throw those items away or give to family, others sell to second-hand retailers and some donate. We encourage the fourth option! The women we serve often times escape with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Through our monthly clothing drives we are able to raise and procure items these individuals need to start anew, take back their life and win at their recovery. Help Fashion Hope empower survivors of Human Trafficking throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Africa.

Top Reasons Individuals Donate to Fashion Hope:

  • Support survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Transparency: choose or know where your contributions go.

  • We make giving easy - donations can be shipped, dropped-off, or picked-up at your convenience.

  • We accept damaged textiles & garments too!

  • Inspire hope!

Contact: RE: "Donations"

general clothing needs

(we accept all sizes)

Tops | Bottoms | Dresses | Coats | Athletic Wear | Accessories | Shoes | Intimates | Beauty

Tops (Lightly Used or New)
  • Tanks

  • Sweaters

  • Bodysuit

  • Cardigans

  • Tees

  • Blouses

  • Collar Shirt

  • Camisole

Bottoms (Lightly Used or New)
  • Skirts

  • Shorts

  • Capri Pants

  • Jumpsuits/Rompers

  • Jeans

  • Leggings

  • Dress Pants

  • Casual Pants

Dresses (Lightly Used or New)
  • Formal Dresses

  • Maxi Dresses

  • Midi Dresses

  • Wrap Dresses

  • Day Dresses

  • Evening Dresses

  • Cocktail Dresses

  • Little Black Dresses

Coats (Lightly Used or New)
  • Leather Jackets

  • Suede Jackets

  • Vegan Leather

  • Faux Fur Coats

  • Fur Coats

  • Blazers

  • Denim

  • Maxi/Duster

  • Light Jackets

  • Winter Coats

Athletic Wear (Lightly Used or New)
  • Athletic Tops

  • Athletic Bottoms

  • Sports Bras

Accessories (Lightly Used or New)
  • Hats

  • Key chains

  • Backpacks

  • Clutch

  • Totes

  • Handbags

  • Belts

  • Scarves

  • Jewelry

  • Wallets

  • Sunglasses

Shoes (Lightly Used or New)
  • Tennis/Running Shoes

  • Heels

  • Sandals

  • Flip Flops

  • Flats

  • Boots

Intimates (Lightly Used or New)
  • Socks (new only)

  • Panties (new only)

  • Bras

  • Pajamas

Beauty (New Only)
  • Body Lotion

  • Mascara

  • Nail Polish

  • Perfume

  • Face Lotion

  • Hair Styling Products

  • Comb

  • Hair accessories

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Hair Mask

  • Exfoliators

  • Concealer

  • Foundation

  • Eye shadow

  • Blush

  • Eyeliner: Pencil & Liquid

  • Brow Pencils/Definer

  • Lip Liner

  • Lipstick

  • Lip Balm

  • Lip Gloss

  • Makeup Bag

  • Brushes & Applicators


“I first heard about Fashion Hope through a friend. First of all their mission is amazing. I was happy to donate and get other friends on board. There’s no question about giving to these survivors who have been through everything and were left with nothing. Please join us and give!”
— Jacqueline C., Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to donate to [Fashion Hope] because I had donated earlier this year and I loved being able to give back to such an incredible cause. I also knew I had more clothing that I rarely wear or never at all. It would be more worthwhile putting it to good use for someone who could actually use and needed it.

Also, at the start of this Advent and Christmas season I told myself I wanted to do something to help others and when Paradise informed me there was another donation in December, I jumped at the chance. There were pretty dresses that just sat in my closet that I knew belonged to another woman- not me.

I hope my clothing items are loved and enjoyed by a special person during this special time of year
— Melanie H., Los Angeles, CA
I’m so happy the gals will be happy with some new threads. I hope the women at Courage Worldwide Inc. find use of this donation.
— Trisha Buehrle, Colorado
I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a good cause to donate to, and someone tagged this company [Fashion Hope]. I prefer to donate to a worthy cause instead of resell my clothes. Fashion Hope made donating easy and convenient.
— Amber Coyle, Los Angeles, CA
So happy to have been able to contribute to this! Love! Thank you Paradise and all the beautiful souls at Fashion Hope for all your hard work and efforts in making this possible! #togetherwecanmakeadifference
— Jessica L. Wilson, Fashion Hope Donor
I heard about Fashion Hope from a Facebook group and I’m so happy I did! I had three massive bags of clothes waiting to be donated, but I wanted to find the right place to donate to instead of just going to Goodwill. When I saw that Fashion Hope donates the clothes to survivors of human trafficking AND works with recyclers to reuse and repurpose donations I was sold. Helping humans AND the environment - what could be better?! Especially since these clothes held a lot of meaning for me and I was only giving them away due to recent weight loss. My heart is happy knowing they are going to a deserving cause. The process was super easy too because they actually came to me to pick up the clothes. I would definitely donate to Fashion Hope again!
— Rebecca K., Florida
I’ve been donating clothing to Fashion Hope for about a year and promoting the organization to friends and family. They do an incredible job at supporting trafficking rescue organizations around the US empowering survivors to take the next step in their recovery process. Paradise is a great advocate for the organization picking clothing up from donors and informing them on updates about the organizations work. Additionally by donating we reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills, and reduce the carbon footprint and pollution involved in the process of fashion design. The organization can provide a tax receipt for the value of clothing donated so its a win win for everyone. Great work Fashion Hope!!
— Nicole Watson, Vancouver, BC, Canada