Rouba Palmer

Rouba Palmer

The focus of this new partnership is to bring awareness and education through the arts. I produced my first social justice based play in 2011 with the proceeds going to The A21 Campaign. In just 3 days, using a high school cast, we raised over $10,000 with little to no PR other than word of mouth. After meeting with Marc Palmer, CEO of Fashion Hope, Michelle Winser, CEO of Destiny Rescue and Tony Kirwan founder of Destiny Rescue the dream to do a full-scale professional production was born. With the support of both organizations it's our hope that the people of NSW Australia will help us begin a trend with this production and make an impact that will last a lifetime.

My company Quench Theatre is partnering with Fashion Hope in Australia to produce plays for a cause. Details of this play and its impact are shared below. Our first intended run will be November 2016 in Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW with Destiny Rescue being the recipient of the proceeds earned and raised. We are indeed excited about the possibilities.

Introducing The Jewelry Box

I came up with the idea of ‘The Jewelry Box’ after hearing about The A21 Campaign. The founder, Christine Caine, was speaking at a conference and she mentioned a moment after rescuing a girl where the girl looked her straight in the eye and said 'What took you so long?' That broke my heart. Yet there’s something in all of us that just wants to dig our heads in the sand when confronted with such an ugly evil, as though confronting it allows it to have some power over us. But I knew at that moment that I had to push past the temptation to avoid the issue and do something to help. The play's intention is to create awareness about the ever growing issue of human trafficking through an eclectic mix of theatrical styles including realism, physical theatre, Ancient Greek chorus and circus.


What people said about 2011 production of 'The Jewelry Box':

Your performance is inspirational and is a fantastic way to promote the issue. I sincerely hope that the play will bring light to the injustice of human trafficking around the globe so it can continue to be performed, to inspire others and to raise money for the cause.'- Henk Verhoef, The Living Bread Foundation

'Congratulations on a wonderful performance of 'The Jewelry Box', the passion that was so evident in your play and the acting from the students. What a powerful message to spread to the community. I am keen to see what more comes of 'The Jewelry Box'. Thank you for your creativity and for persevering with a subject that most would rather just sweep under the carpet.'

-Erin Cannings, High School English Teacher




Interested in having The Jewelry Box performed at your school or organization?

Contact us / info@fashionhope.org

Open Auditions for the November performances in Sydney and Central Coast of NSW, Australia begin early September. For audition information contact Rouba on +61 413480458