Alma is a 15-year-old professional model and honor roll student, and as she was able to skip a grade, she is the youngest sophomore at her school. She is a busy young lady and loves playing volleyball, basketball, and studying in her spare time. Alma enjoys and has dedicated much time to competitive sports, fine arts, modeling and academics with an emphasis on the sciences.  Her skills have allowed her to be a part of a team of teen writers for a teen magazine, highlighting girls’ achievements, issues faced by teens around the world and her own adventures in life.  Alma has toured around Europe with an international choir, taken on leadership roles within school organizations and national/state queen titles while simultaneously representing and influencing American teen girls in a positive way. Throughout her life she has made a point to bring awareness to causes that are near and dear to her heart such as “Brooke’s Buddies, my Buddies" -to be a buddy and make lasting memories with peers with special needs.  Alma has been able to visit with Brooke's friends ever since elementary school as Brooke is her sister.  Brooke has an intellectual disability and is epileptic. Alma spends time encouraging her peers to take part in organizations such as International Best Buddies, Mid-Michigan Cheer Squad and Special Olympics. Now, she aims to bring awareness toward mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.  Challenges that both she and other close friends and peers have gone through at different points in their lives.

Alma is dedicated to finding ways to positively influence her community, the U.S. and the world. She wants to assist teen girls specifically to improve their perception of themselves, as she herself goes through trials in her own life and finds ways to overcome them.  She is learning to acknowledge her inner strength as she overcomes adversities. Her future goal is to join the medical field as a doctor that will improve the well being of her patients.



Simply put, Alma is a regular girl going after what she is passionate about and believes every girl should and can do the same.

Fashion Hope is an organization geared toward assisting and improving the lives of individuals who have been rescued from unfair or illegal working environments. These people have either received lower than average pay or were enslaved and forced to work non-desirable jobs. At no fault of their own, these rescued individuals were simply trying to live out their dreams and provide for their families. They were used and taken advantage of to provide cheap labor for many corporations and black markets.  

We have dedicated our lives to assisting individuals who had no voice of their own, such as homeless veterans and non-English speakers. Our own personal stories of struggle have allowed us to be appreciative in all that God has blessed us with. We understand the importance of spreading hope and positivity in the world and understand that each person can make a huge difference in our world. We as a family (Alma, sister Brooke, and God sister Erica) are a team that lives life with purpose. We support one another in whatever we do.

Alma’s desire to be a voice for the voiceless is what makes us happy to support her.
— Alma's parents

Her dedication to making a positive impact to teens who find themselves in these types of unfortunate circumstances, is real. We know her heart is to make a difference without really asking for anything in return and therefore we support her. We support Fashion Hope!

Why Fashion Hope?

I feel as though Fashion Hope stands for something bigger than me. I take this role as more than a volunteer opportunity, but as a job. I have been blessed with this great opportunity to work for the freedom and better treatment of young girls. The opportunity to change someone’s life as an “undercover hero” is an opportunity that I would not pass up for anything! I am extremely enthusiastic and looking forward to carrying Fashion Hope’s message wherever I go.

Why is Human Trafficking Awareness so important to you?


Human trafficking is often not highlighted as an issue. However, over the past few years, human trafficking has manifested into a crisis, not an issue. Thousands of young girls and women go missing each year. It seems that our national news lacks the desire to use their influence and ability to reach the masses to assist with education and awareness about this crisis. It is evident that they would rather cover other topics than to shed light on what is happening to young teens and woman in our country and around the world. I humbly accept the role of becoming the first Teen Ambassador for Fashion Hope since to bring change to this world, someone must speak up for what they know is right and put an end to human trafficking. This is more than a “worthy cause”. This impacts all of us because we either support it by the products we decide to purchase and/or ignore the crisis. I believe many conscious individuals, especially my peers will decide to purchase and support the voiceless when they are informed as to what is going on with our teens. Therefore, I want to speak up for my peers and friends that I have never met and educate all who will listen so I can make an impact, create awareness, and awaken the consciousness of my peers.  

What stirs you, inspires you and captures your attentions?

The passing of my grandmother has inspired me to reach for all my goals. I am enthusiastic about being a part of as many activities and organizations as possible because I feel that we never know when our last day will be on this Earth. It is my goal is to leave a legacy of touching as many people in a positive way as humanly possible.