The Movement Known as Priceless; utilizing artistry/media to bring beauty and empowerment within our culture.  

     Through partnership and projects with organizations and leaders/professionals, The Movement known as Priceless seeks to create art/media that challenges the cultural norms and ascribed standards of beauty/worth presented by our mass media culture.  Passionate about supporting artists and creators working for awareness and empowerment, the Movement claims their niche in developing media and branding that enables these individuals and organizations to share their talents and connect their messages, themes, and programming for empowerment to the captive and exploited. 


      Founded in 2013 by Media Conceptualist Daniel Walker, the Movement has grown immensely, pioneering the media/art landscape with a message of beauty and empowerment through the powerful cultural forums of photography, film, art, events, dance, and beyond.  In 2014, The Movement partnered with Mary David, an Advocacy/Human Trafficking Specialist from Washington D.C., as well as Marc Palmer, CEO of Fashion Hope. Collectively, The Movement and partners have expanded into the forums of sustainable employment opportunities and awareness within the fashion industry, human trafficking education and empowerment events, and storytelling through a variety of contexts, including short films, stylized dance, and spoken word performance.


      2015 saw the initial development of an international documentary film, The Hands that Build Horizons; the first in a series of a documentary film projects, capturing the sustainable employment opportunities forged through the partnerships between designers and Fashion Hope.  With a story and production headed by Priceless, the work was captured in a two-week trip to Kenya, Africa, and is set for release in 2016. 2015 continued with the production of a theological/trafficking awareness film short, 9th Hour, as well as branding/promotional development projects for Mary David's website launch of sheismarydavid.com, and the Marketing Development of Unslaved, a Midwestern based trafficking awareness movement and retail store, offering handcrafted items, made by overcomers of human trafficking.


     2016 launched with the Movement leading development of the newly launched Fashion Hope website.  The year continued with the relocation of the Movement to Los Angeles, to expand media influence/network growth and develop the initial stages of dance therapy focus programming, examining dance and movement as a mechanism for overcoming trauma and reestablishing human connection.  This relocation and developing focus programming are part of an overall directional and branding re-imagination, focused predominantly upon media sparking conversation on healing and trauma, and deeply reaching into the inner worlds and mindsets built through traumatic experience. In this light, the online experience, theyarepriceless.com, recently relaunched, to feature all new visual literature campaigns, a new blog, new partnerships, and initial media introducing dance focus programming.     


     As the Media Design Division of Fashion Hope, the Priceless/Fashion Hope partnership presents an incredible opportunity to tangibly impact the lives of those rescued and being restored from the bonds of human trafficking, sharing their stories through the power of visual media.  Through the production of media for designers and leaders partnering with Fashion Hope, these creators and non profits are enabled to present captivating crowdfunding material that shares their hearts, passions, and connects them with supporters and networks, delivering influential and life changing partnered fashion projects.