Fashion Hope is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to transforming lives through the world of fashion. Our mission is to educate our community about the dangers of human trafficking and the ways in which our use of clothing and sustainable materials can be a means to end the demand for modern-day slavery such as is seen in sweat shops throughout the world. And even in this country where the use of slavery for manufacturing is a little-known secret.

It is also our mission to prolong the life of fashion goods and reduce textile waste through the donations of clothing goods. As well as, to support companies with fair trade and humanitarian approaches to their products who are equally dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and to ending modern slavery in the fashion industry.

But that's not all we do. Fashion Hope also works tirelessly on raising funds and increasing donations necessary to support the survivors through gifts of clothing, shoes, and accessories essential to build a new life. We work hand-in-hand with multiple shelters throughout the U.S., Canada and parts of Africa, along with health workers to ensure our donations; financial and material, are put into the right hands to do the most good for all involved.

It is our belief at Fashion Hope that by raising awareness and educating our audiences about the reality of human trafficking and industry slavery that we can come together as a community to create positive and progressive change. Join Fashion Hope and be the light in someone's life. 


Through resources, its network and the contribution of donors along with volunteers; Fashion Hope aspires to be a force for good by:

  • Redirecting and repurposing fashion goods toward sustainable endeavors.

  • Empowering survivors of human injustice (human trafficking, factory workers, modern slavery).

  • Educating general public with regards to sustainability and human injustices with an aim to bring about positive change and provide solutions.