This trip was organized with my humanitarian partner Fashion Hope to work with organizations in India. I'll be further educating myself on this global issue and do some ground work.

Officially meeting with Prajwala, an incredible organization that has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of women and children. They also reintegrate and help employ and educate those they rescue.

Why human trafficking?

It is the worst human rights violation occurring today and far too prevalent.  While this is estimated to be 150 billion dollar industry, it is an issue most people misunderstand and are apathetic about.

I believe with collaboration, awareness, prevention, rescues, rehabilitation and empowerment... we can start to see a real shift.  There are plenty of organizations on the ground, sacrificing constantly to help the voiceless. 
It is an issue of supply and demand.  And by creating awareness we can start to create more conscious consumerism.  Therefore shifting the demand that exploits those trafficked for labor and sex.

I gravitate to causes where I know they can't help themselves. A situation of human slavery takes those on the outside to help liberate. They need refuge and rehabilitation and guidance. They need hope in overcoming. And globally we need prevention.

Too many voices are silently crying for help and we’re all responsible in why this is happening.  We need to all work together to eradicate this.

Why India?

I gravitate to regions that have harbored the deepest women's rights issues, and where women are starting to take a stand. Considering the estimated statistics of women and children who are trafficked and the oppressive nature against their education and voice...I figured this is a great place to start. (at least 1 million children are trafficked there a year, and that is likely highly underestimated considering how many children go missing).
Women are starting to rise together in India.  We see it in stories like this one...

Commonly societies have repressed women's capabilities by coercing them from a young age into child marraiges (predominent in India) or not letting them have an education.
Connecting with the right organizations in India, we can help create businesses that will not only help sustain them but employ these women often rescued from the sex trade and then not accepted back into their families.  
This will help employ them, create communities with those who have been through similar adversities, and empower them to help change their upcoming generations.

Why Prajwala?

Sunitha is the most powerful activist I've ever come across. I was inspired by  Sunitha's Ted talk and her fearless passion. 

It has been a journey finding the right organization to team up with.  Many NPO's are understandably understaffed or have a turnover with workers because of the difficulty of the work.  So an organization that had a reach and good communication was high on the list of requirements.

After speaking with Sunitha the first time I knew we were meant to cross paths.  We have kindred spirits in respect to the rehabilitation and empowerment aspects after the rescue.  

I am inspired by the 21 years she’s dedicated and all she’s endured for this cause.

What you look to accomplish with the Trip?

This initial trip is for researching this organization up close and how they operate. I will market research for the likely possibilities of creating a cosmetic line specifically for the India/Southeast Asia region to help employ those they've rescued.  That's the long term goal.  Short term, to participate in as much as possible for research (I am also writing a script on this matter) and of course fun, love and mentoring with those they have rescued from human trafficking.  Also to meet the various leaders involved and how we can all work together to move this forward.

I wanted my cosmetic line or any future ones I start to be towards the empowerment of women.  And hopefully other cosmetic brands will follow suit.  But I'm not going to wait anymore to scale my own company.  I am going to engage with these organizations to get it going faster and hopefully create a culture that beauty is more than outer looks.
Also the eventual goal is to be able to support this work and trips with the business. To help sustain these organizations.

How will funds be spent?

The total of $2,500 needed for the trip is going toward the flight to India, the visa.  Hotel stay for some evenings and food. They have offered free accommodations but I am donating whether they let me or not ;)   
It also goes toward the internal flights and car transportation to the organizations I'll be researching.

I imagine the cost will be slightly more than anticipating so any extra raised will be helpful.  And anything leftover I will make sure is used on the trip for the organizations. 

I'm determined to make NS Minerals a brand that supports effective causes full of heart that make a pragmatic and real difference.  


Ways you can help is donating $20 or whatever you're inspired to.  Or spreading the word to who you can :) 
Or if you purchase one of our charity colors, all proceeds go toward this trip as well.  

Charity colors to go to Stop The Traffik from now on:

Thank-you for reading and everyone have a blessed day!