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Marc Palmer

president & founder

Marc Palmer is the founder and CEO of Fashion Hope. With a history and passion for philanthropy he founded the organization in 2010. He is an experienced entrepreneur and business development expert, and currently runs a sales training consultancy. Apart from his business ventures, Marc serves as an advisor on ethical manufacturing projects in Africa and is involved with the Ethical Shopping Guide along with, Australia based, Good on You. He oversees and is responsible for Business Development relationships and Corporate Sponsors of Fashion Hope.



Paradise Kafri

Executive Director

Paradise Kafri is the Executive Director of Fashion Hope. She oversees and manages the execution of its staff, daily operations, programs, outreach and expansion. Combining over 15 years of experience in the hospitality, business, and fashion industries – coupled with her passion for volunteerism and an unwavering commitment to human rights, she is motivated to inspire hope and transform the lives of survivors of human injustices. Paradise is equally driven to find innovative applications towards ethical and sustainable solutions in the fashion industry.

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Jeanie Tseng

Social Media Manager

Jeanie Tseng first joined Fashion Hope as an intern stylist to raise awareness for slow fashion through ethical and sustainable practices. Now her career aspirations are geared towards facilitating the empowerment of self-sufficiency for ethnic women, especially refugees and migrants in New Zealand. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering for practical causes to help people. She has a background originally in biochemical engineering with transferable technical skills. As a result of her work and interest in the fashion industry, and as a consumer of its products, she is prompted to initiate conversations about sustainability and the transformation of making more conscious decisions to help minimize her environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same.